We provide an end to end software solution for TIP Open Wi-Fi including Access Point and Cloud software, sold as a licence or SaaS to service providers or MSPs. We also provide professional services to integrate Open Wi-Fi into the customer’s solution.

Cloud Modular Application Platform

Radio Resource Management

Optimizes the wireless operation ensuring each Access Point operates on the optimal channel, band, and each device is linked to the best possible Access Point.

Configuration and Management

Allows providers to create profiles for types of venues and use cases, and ensures consistent settings. Software is kept up to date.


Permanently monitors the quality of experience, and when an issue is detected, it self diagnoses the condition and takes appropriate actions.


Features make it easy to diagnose complex conditions without requiring a site visit, or re-creation of the issue.

Open source Integration Services

Professional services to help integrate and support Wi-Fi open source software

What Makes NetExperience Different?

  • The first WLAN Cloud system compatible with the TIP Open Wi-Fi
    • SaaS or software license
  • Lowest TCO of a Cloud service delivering enterprise WLAN
    • Low cost Cloud / SW / HW
    • All complex parameters are automatically set / readjusted reducing IT effort / training
    • IT Automation reduces time to solve issues and IT effort
  • Best features for remote IT support and avoiding on site visits
    • Auto-detection, Auto-diagnostic, Auto-mitigation using machine learning and expert systems
    • Advanced troubleshooting with network history eliminates on site technical support, and the need to recreate issues