Although TIP OpenWiFi is an architecture compatible with virtually all Wi-Fi use cases—an industry first breakthrough—I have to say looking at the NetExperience trials and deployments, that connectivity providers in the MDU (multi-dwelling units) industry are solidly in the early adopter camp.

 Reflecting about it, it makes sense! The value proposition of TIP OpenWiFi addresses the core requirements of the Wi-Fi MDU providers. Here’s why:

 Low Total Cost of Ownership. By disaggregating hardware and software, so both become competitive, savings of over 50% are common. This is especially important for MDU operators who charge their revenue from a consumer budget which is much lower than an enterprise budget. With TIP OpenWiFi being a low-cost solution, it makes perfect sense for Wi-Fi MDU connectivity providers to choose TIP OpenWiFi.

Enterprise Features at Consumer Cost. While the business case needs a low-cost solution, the technical requirements in apartment buildings and student residences are brutal due to interference between Wi-Fi between rooms and apartments, and many of the needed technical features are usually found in much more expensive enterprise class systems. The solution is a sophisticated RRM (radio resource management) set of algorithms which dynamically coordinate and optimize many Wi-Fi parameters across the whole MDU. TIP OpenWiFi as a horizontal architecture is able to vector the RRM algorithms in all the needed verticals and is compatible with the low-cost hardware present in MDUs.

 Security Optimization for MDUs. Residents expect to use Wi-Fi throughout their building, but they still need a highly secure network for inside the apartment. The solution is virtualizing the building network into hundreds of secure networks, one per apartment, called LocationPSK – also called multipsk, allowing both security and convenience. A set of Cloud APIs interface to the connectivity provider back office for seamless workflow integration in managing their subscribers.

Scalability. With each student residence easily having hundreds of rooms and each connectivity provider managing tens or hundreds of residences, the network and the operational workflow needs to support hundreds of thousands of customers, locations, and Access Points. TIP OpenWiFi has been designed from day one with scalability requirements and supports multi-tenant Cloud, hierarchical locations, profiles, and inheritance-based workflow.

Resident Satisfaction.  Wi-Fi is the fourth utility and the #1 resident-desired amenity. MDU residents expect fast Wi-Fi and a connected community living experience. TIP OpenWiFi works well for both MDU owner and end-user because it offers the low-cost, high quality Wi-Fi experience.

From the TIP OpenWiFi team, we invite Wi-Fi Connectivity Providers in the MDU space to try TIP OpenWiFi now! Want to learn more? Visit

Bernard Herscovici
Founder and CEO at NetExperience
[email protected]