What began in 2019 as a vision by WiFi connectivity providers to eliminate vendor lock (disaggregate hardware from software), OpenWiFi has now grown into a full architecture supported by hardware and software companies and already deployed in multiple countries.

During the past 18 months of lab trials with various service providers, the technology behind OpenWiFi and the NetExperience platform has been validated and and is now deployed in 9 production networks and 30 trials – 7 of which are are some of the largest connectivity providers worldwide. A few weeks ago, NetExperience OpenWiFi was successfully deployed at the annual Telecom Infra Project Fyuz event in Madrid, supporting thousands of users with OpenWiFi and OpenRoaming.

Under the umbrella of Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and with active participation and guidance from visionary companies such as Boingo and Meta, the technology developed by NetExperience and others has evolved into its second generation and today provides unprecedented benefits to connectivity providers. It is a technology by engineers for engineers.

One platform for multiple hardware models and providers. An OpenWiFi controller platform seamlessly integrates compatible Access Points from multiple vendors, creating an abundance of choices differentiated by the creative cost skills of various providers, resulting in lower cost, hardware better matched to requirements. OpenWiFi architecture also allows swapping of controllers with no vendor lock at any level.

One platform for all WiFi use cases. Currently a connectivity provider serving multiple segments will typically use 3-4 different platforms (hardware and software), based on features and cost. OpenWiFi harmonizes the architecture allowing an OpenWiFi controller when matched with the appropriate Access Point portfolio to serve multiple segments from MDU to enterprise.

Integrated with Wireless Broadband Alliance OpenRoaming. OpenWiFi has been integrated with OpenRoaming allowing easy no touch roaming between WiFi networks and between WiFi and cellular networks. This improves user experience and opens new revenue streams to WiFi providers.

Tested for Interoperability. OpenWiFi has developed a network of QA labs which test functionality and, most importantly, interoperability.

Lower capex and lower opex. The benefits outlined above result in better user experience and rapid innovation while achieving substantial upfront and recurring cost reductions for connectivity providers.

It has been an exciting three year journey to bring OpenWiFi from the drawing board to implementation and many months of lab validation with leading connectivity providers. From the team of engineers at many companies who worked tirelessly to make OpenWiFi reality, we invite service providers to try OpenWiFi now!

Bernard Herscovici

Founder and CEO at NetExperience

[email protected]