Multi-location hospitality customers in France will benefit from affordable state-of-the -art WIFI. New open-source cloud-based technology allows hotels to provide WIFI coverage they’ve dreamed of – at a fraction of the cost of standard WIFI solutions.  One access point per room becomes a reality – no more settling for poor or partial coverage.

Ottawa, Canada, March 23, 2022 – NetExperience, creator of the first end-to-end WLAN software and service compatible with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenWiFi, today announced it has been selected by Paris, France-based iBrowse to provide software services to hospitality customers with locations in France and the UK.

iBrowse selected the NetExperience/TIP OpenWiFi solution to propose as the next generation solution for the thousands of hotels covered by its cloud-based WIFI Bodybuilding Leg Exercises and Anatomy weight loss bodybuilding transformed: how weight-loss competitors are reshaping the sport access control and management system. This is driven by iBrowse’ commitment to open systems, the ability to “mix and match” access points from different vendors, and competitive pricing. iBrowse also selected access points from Edgecore and Actiontec for the initial deployments.  The combinations of NetExperience and TIP OpenWiFi means that hotels can offer superior WiFi coverage – 1 AP per room is economically feasible for all hotels!

“We are very pleased to support iBrowse in their deployment of TIP OpenWiFi in France,” said Bernard Herscovici, CEO of NetExperience. “We believe that open technologies are the future of all networking and look forward to demonstrating the power of TIP OpenWiFi to iBrowse and their customers. We are convinced they will see better performance, better support from both NetExperience and the TIP OpenWiFi community and lower costs.”

NetExperience’s Wi-Fi management and controller platform has been architected to support the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenWiFi initiative which disaggregates the software from the hardware, allowing Wi-Fi deployments with multiple hardware vendor’s access points. One of the goals of this approach is to significantly decrease the cost of deploying Wi-Fi around the world, helping to close the digital divide both domestically and internationally.

“iBrowse prides itself on our ability to deploy cost effective hospitality solutions faster than our competitors and with enterprise grade quality and reliability,” said Jonathan Angel, Managing Director, iBrowse SARL. “The adoption of the NetExperience/TIP OpenWiFi solution is a potential game-changer for us as it further reduces our OPEx while enhancing the feature set and Quality of Experience (QoE) we will be able to provide to our hotel customers and their guests.”

About NetExperience

NetExperience is leading the transition to a disaggregated Wi-Fi network. The NetExperience Cloud Management and Controller Platform is compatible with the three key components of the Telecom Infra Project Wi-Fi architecture: CloudSDK, certified open source Access Point software and compatible Access Point hardware. NetExperience is a contributor and co-manager of the TIP open source CloudSDK and Access Point software.

About TIP Open WiFi

TIP OpenWiFi is an open source community project that believes in democratizing premium Wi-Fi experiences for multiple market use cases. The TIP approach to OpenWiFi creates an open source disaggregated technology stack without any vendor lock in. OpenWiFi offers premium managed Wi-Fi features, local break-out design, cloud native open source controller, and an open source AP firmware operating system tested nightly.

About iBrowse

iBrowse creates and manages international private WANs throughout Europe for large multinational companies with decentralised sites. In the hospitality sector, the iBrowse solution provides hotel chains and individual hotels with value-added services such as WIFI access control, voice over IP telephony, Internet breakout/firewall management and LAN management, all running in a high performance & secure private network.
Huw Rees
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