The promise and delivery of Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoamingTM is changing the way Wi-Fi is deployed and managed, creating lucrative new opportunities for operators and service providers. Open Wi-Fi enables the deployment of disaggregated networks by using hardware running open source software, from multiple low cost vendors managed by a single cloud-based management system.

With over 3 billion people in the world with limited or no access to the Internet, primarily due to the cost to provide the service, Open Wi-Fi promises to bridge this gap by dramatically lowering the cost to deliver Wi-Fi to populations around the world. This, in turn, will vastly increase the serviceable market for Wi-Fi operators.

In addition to Open Wi-Fi, operators can leverage their networks by supporting the Wireless Broadband Alliance OpenRoaming Framework. OpenRoaming enables operators to accept cellular data offload in a completely seamless manner with the ability to charge the cellular operator for use of the Wi-Fi network. For the cellular operator, this is a welcome relief as their own networks are stressed by fast growing, high speed data traffic. For the mobile consumer, this is a great user experience because without the need to login to a local Wi-Fi network, the traffic simply finds the best path.

For Wi-Fi operators the deployment of Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoaming will result in a triple benefit, an increase in the addressable market through both Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoaming as well as a direct increase in revenues due to payments from cellular operators under OpenRoaming agreements.

*OpenRoaming is a trademark of the Wireless Broadband Alliance

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