This week we are participating at a WISP event in Louisville, Kentucky – WISPAMERICA and I was thinking earlier if OpenWiFi is a good technology match for the thousands of Wireless ISPs. As we are participating at the event, you already guessed the answer, or at least our view of the answer: Yes! Here are some of the reasons we thought it was a good fit:

Cost / Total Cost of Ownership. Most Wireless ISPs are usually medium sized companies operating in a local area – or a collection of areas. In these areas they serve a lot of residential customers and a number of businesses. They do not have the necessary volume to strike the mega deal with the traditional suppliers and need product variety for their mixed use cases – in many cases from multiple vendors. In OpenWiFi with the benefit of disaggregation there is competition and differentiation between multiple technology partners without vendor lock ensuring a reduced TCO

Availability of products. Before OpenWiFi if the chosen vendor is unable to supply it is extremely difficult to add a new supplier, so the solution is to wait or to order far ahead even if the demand is not very clear – a risky proposition. Now with multiple vendors, Access Points can be mixed in the same project as they were from the same provider, lowering the risk of shortages. The Access Point partners in OpenWiFi are world class suppliers, currently around 6 different companies. By the end of 2023 we expect 50 different Access Points versions from residential to wallplates to ceiling mounted and outdoor.

A community of doers. WISP teams are highly technical, self reliant and love to get involved with leading edge initiatives. I worked with WISPs in 2 of my last 3 companies (BelAir and Breezecom) and fondly remember their skills and “can do” attitude.

So, it seems that OpenWiFi is a great fit for WISPs and we are happy to participate at this and future WISP events.

To all the WISP teams out there, try OpenWiFi now!

Bernard Herscovici
Founder and CEO at NetExperience